Anxiety is normal during fertility treatment


Fertility treatments require making major lifestyle changes. So it may come as no surprise that many couples experience various levels of anxiety during fertility treatment.  Some couples may find that the treatment regimen, which dramatically alters a couple’s day-to-day lifestyle, can cause tensions to mount, and small incidents may cause heated arguments, taking a toll on a relationship.

Other couples experience stress due to the range of emotions that can occur during fertility treatment. Guilt, anger, grief, frustration, confusion and even loss are just some of the common emotions often found among people who experience infertility.

In addition, couples may have a heightened sensitivity to everyday events that remind them of children.  For example, hearing a child’s laughter, seeing baby clothes in a store window, learning of a friend’s pregnancy, or going to a child’s birthday party can often trigger a range of difficult emotions.

Managing Stress During Fertility Treatment

Once you begin fertility tratments, it is very important that you try to manage your stress.  When you and your partner learn to recognize potential stress factors, you will be better equipped to handle the anxiety that accompanies fertility treatment.

While it is healthy for couples to express their emotions during this difficult time, it is best to seek solutions that alleviate as many anxieties as possible.  Recognizing your stressors and your partner’s stressors can help you avoid letting emotions escalate out of control and improve your chances of conceiving.

“When emotions escalate out of control during this time in a couple’s life, they can possibly cause rifts in the relationship,” says Pamela Madsen, Executive Director and Founder of the American Infertility Association

There are many ways for couples to alleviate stress during fertility treatment that can also work for life stressors in general.  Learn more about alleviating stress.

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