Tips to Help Break the Cycle of Stress and Sadness


Undergoing fertility treatment can result in a painful monthly roller coaster ride of stress and sadness.  It is important to develop specific ways to cope with these feelings as studies have shown that stress may make it even more difficult to conceive.

Learning how to cope better with stress will help you regain some control in your life and you and your partner will be able to make better decisions about your fertility treatment plan.

To help break the cycle of stress and sadness, try one or more of these approaches.


  • Find a support group in your community. Visit the blogs and forums for more information about local organizations. Or check with your Fertility Center or local doctor to see if they run in-house support groups in which you can participate
  • Log on to an online discussion group. Check out  online support groups and message boards for more information.
  • Learn about infertility and the most current treatment options.  Being informed will help you make better decisions about your care.
  • Seek professional counseling to help cope with emotionsexperienced by either partner, or together as a couple.  Find a mental health professional who is familiar with the emotional experience of fertility treatment.
  • Investigate complimentary therapies such as relaxation techniques, massage, acupuncture or yoga.
  • Take time to do something special for yourself. Get away from your usual environment or routine for a few days.
  • Keep a journal.  It can help you to express and manage your feelings in a constructive way.
  • Take a brief “vacation” from fertility treatment when it is appropriate.  A short rest will take some pressure off and renew your energy should you decide to continue later.
  • Try to maintain good eating habits.  A balanced diet will help you maintain your weight and provide the necessary nutrients to keep you healthy.
  • Get regular exercise.  A long walk or bicycle ride can help clear your mind and renew your body.


Whatever approaches you choose, just remember to be patient with yourself and your partner.  This is a difficult time and to make it through the process, you both need to take good care of yourselves.  And remember, the goal is worth it!

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