Additional Questions for Your Doctor


You have undergone testing and have scheduled a follow-up meeting with your doctor.  You are not sure what your doctor will say, but you should be prepared to ask questions.

Here are some questions that can help you get the most out of your appointment and map out the best treatment to proceed with:

  1. How long should I expect to undergo treatment?
  2. What surgical procedures might you recommend for my partner and/or me?
  3. How many ovulation induction cycles with or without interuterine insemination (IUI) do you recommend before moving to in vitro fertilization (IVF)?
  4. How does your office handle weekend inseminations?  Are they done here or at another site? Do you perform the weekend inseminations?
  5. How many IVF attempts will you make?
  6. What is your IVF success rate per embryo transfer?  How many embryos do you generally transfer?
  7. When undergoing IVF, will you perform all egg retrievals and embryo transfers?  If either of these are not always performed by you, who will perform them?
  8. When undergoing IVF, will egg retrieval be performed at your office or through the outpatient clinic at a hospital?
  9. How will you monitor my treatment and how often?
  10. Will you always perform treatment monitoring or is it possible that on occasion another physician or a nurse might monitor?
  11. How is your practice affiliated with the embryology lab?  Are the lab procedures done here or off site?
  12. What are the credentials of your laboratory and your laboratory director?
  13. What is your opinion about complimentary medicine such as massage, acupuncture, and relaxation?
  14. What are your office hours and are you available after hours and on weekends?
  15. How will I communicate with you?  Do you return phone calls the same day?  Do you call back personally if I request?
  16. What role does the nursing staff play?  Do they return calls or do you?
  17.  If necessary, do you have access to donor egg, embryo and sperm programs?
  18. How do you handle insurance pre-approvals?
  19. If my insurance doesn’t cover testing and treatment, can we make arrangements for a payment plan or credit card payment?

Be sure to write down the answers to these questions.  You may also want to call your doctor’s office and double check to be sure the answers you received are correct.  Also, when asking questions over the phone, be sure to get the name of the person you speak with.

If you get conflicting answers, be sure to investigate further and ask for someone to send you a follow-up in writing with the answers to the questions you have.

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