Cope With Infertility


Many couples experiencing fertility problems feel unduly stressed. Certainly infertility can be one of the most distressing life crises for a couple to face. However, stress can be a factor in infertility and may make it even more difficult for a couple to conceive.
This section provides articles and tips for coping with infertility and the stress brought on by it.
Did You Know
Stress may affect a women’s production of estrogen and progesterone— hormones essential for reproduction. Learn more
Featured Article
Stress is Normal During Fertility Treatment
Fertility treatments require making major lifestyle changes, so it may come as no surprise that many couples experience various levels of anxiety during fertility treatment. Read full article.

Anxiety is Normal
Handling the Holidays
Real Life Stories
Tips for Managing Stress
Breaking the Cycle of Stress
Tips to Help Break the Cycle of Stress

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