Real Life Stories: Dreams do come true!


Wondering if the dream of conceiving, pregnancy and birth of a baby will really ever happen? Maybe Donna’s story will help you believe.

During her drawn-out battle with infertility, Donna held tight to a dream. It helped her through surgeries and a miscarriage.  It comforted her as treatments failed, and failed again.

Donna’s Story

For four years, Donna and her husband, Joseph, visited fertility specialists and underwent numerous treatments.  Donna had surgeries that eventually left her without fallopian tubes.  Donna also suffered a miscarriage.

Throughout their struggle, Donna and Joseph talked about things openly, allowing friends and family to offer words and prayers of support.  “You feel it when everyone really wants it for you and prays for you,” Donna said.  “It kept us positive that it was going to happen.”

Indeed it did. Donna became pregnant with little Lara during the couple’s first try with in vitro fertilization (IVF). She used recombinant FSH medicine to stimulate her ovaries to produce many eggs.  The eggs were removed and mixed with Joseph’s sperm, and some of the resulting embryos were placed in Donna’s uterus.

Two weeks later, a positive pregnancy test made all those years on the infertility treatment roller coaster worth it.

A Happy Family at Last

Finally, in a hospital room with sunlight streaming through the window, Donna’s dream came true: she watched her husband change their baby’s diaper.

“He was so excited,” Donna said of her husband, Joseph.  The tender father-daughter moment brought tears to her eyes, and while in the hospital, Donna said she cried whenever she saw her baby girl.  “I think I was letting out feelings for all that I went through.”

Emotions ran high the day of Donna’s baby shower.  The 60 people in attendance knew all too well the details of the couple’s four-year struggle.  Donna’s mother acknowledged this in a heartfelt speech she made to the group, saying that even in times of tragedy, one must still celebrate the good things in life.  “Donna tried so long to have this baby,” she said, her voice breaking.  “And we are all so happy for her.”

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