What you Need to Know About Conception


You may think you know everything there is to know about making a baby. How hard can it be? Well, the reality is, having a baby involves preparation and forethought.  And many couples are not prepared to manage their fertility so that pregnancy occurs when the time is right.

A national survey conducted by The American Infertility Association(AIA) of more than 12,000 people revealed that few people completely understand their fertility.

How Long is Too Long to Wait?

When asked how long a couple should try to get pregnant before consulting a physician about the possibility of fertility problems, nearly one third of respondents to AIA’s survey answered incorrectly.

While one year of trying unsuccessfully to conceive can indicate a fertility problem for couples, one-third of respondents believed that number to be closer to two and a half years.  And, another 18 percent believed that it was okay to try to conceive for five years before thinking they may have a fertility problem.

Am I Infertile?

A couple is considered medically infertile if they are trying to conceive but have not done so in one year.

“These numbers tell me that couples are waiting way too long before they seek medical help to become pregnant,” said Pamela Madsen, Executive Director and Founder of AIA.  “The earlier you see a fertility specialist,” Madsen advises, “the better your chances are for success.”

In order to be successful in conceiving, it’s important to understand basic fertility facts; including the infertility risks for men and infertility risks for womentreatment options, how to cope with stress related to fertility problems, questions to ask a fertility specialist, and guidelines for understanding insurance plan coverage for fertility treatment.

Focus on Fertility Education Campaign

Focus on Fertility, an education campaign presented by the American Infertility Association (AIA), spotlights the facts about fertility so people can maximize their ability to conceive a child when they are ready.

The campaign serves to inform women and men about ways to protect their fertility and steps they can take if they experience fertility problems.

The right facts can help you make more informed decisions about family building.

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