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Approximately six million American couples are affected by infertility — roughly ten percent of the reproductive-age population.  Whether you are trying to become pregnant or you simply hope to have a family someday, learning the facts about fertility will help you preserve your fertility

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Every woman is born with her lifetime supply of eggs — approx. 300,000 and reaches her peak by the time she enters puberty? Learn about your biological clock

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A Woman’s Infertility Risk Assessment
There are many factors that can increase your risk of experiencing infertility. That’s why the more informed you are about how to manage your fertility, the more likely you are to be successful in conceiving a child. Being prepared to discuss your personal fertility risks with your doctor can help increase your chances of conceiving. Learn more about your potential risks.

Are You Infertile?
Managing the Biological Clock
Healthy Habits Enhance fertility
Preserving Your Fertility
Infertility Risk Factors for Men
Infertility Risk Factors for Women

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